Conscious Coaching Inc.

Conscious Coaching Inc. is where an expert can help you focus on the bigger picture and work with you and your family to help ease the various life transitions, understand roles, and create cohesiveness.

When life is changing, why take that on alone? This is your life we’re talking about, which in my opinion, is always worth a little help from a coach


I’m Leah, a business woman, wife, step-mom, entrepreneur, facilitator, teacher, advisor and speaker all wrapped up into one.  As one of Toronto’s leading relationship coaches I have worked with hundreds of families, couples and individuals to help them achieve their relationship and life goals.

Trained and certified, I work with families, couples and individuals to to help them through life transitions, guide them around painful issues and create a safe space as they face their fears and head towards a healthy path.  Whether coaching newly divorced couples and families, blended families or recently engaged couples, I teach my clients concrete communication skills, how to make clear decisions and work with them to create an action plan that can ensure they move on happily and reach their life goals.

As an experienced coach and public speaker, I began my career as a law clerk working as the first point of contact for all clients. I worked for over a decade with clients to help them through issues that arise throughout the divorce process, including custody issues, financial issues, personal well-being, mental health and more.

In 2011, to further develop my passion about helping people find their way after the heartbreak of divorce, I attended George Brown College, graduating as Certified Life Skills Coach. In 2012, I also become a Circle Mediator jointly through Peacebuilders International (Canada) and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario.  In conjunction with Peacebuilders International I developed communication and mediation workshops for the Toronto District School Board at both the elementary and secondary levels and ran workshops for various classrooms.  I also delivered workshops for law, senior leadership and dispute resolution programs at several universities and colleges including York University, McMaster University, Western University and Humber College.

My experience, both personal and professional, allows me to bring a unique perspective to family relationships, divorce, separation and step-parenting.  Having personally gone through divorce, re-married and becoming a step-parent, I have learned firsthand of the emotions that go along with such a life change.  My love for people and families is my ultimate driving force and sharing my knowledge and compassion is my way of giving back.

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I’m Sidney.  I am happy to see everyone I meet and am always here to make you smile.  I sometimes join the meetings and will give you a paw but mostly just lay down and listen.  I have been known to disrupt a podcast or two which I seem to get edited out of so nobody really knows what I said.  I am here to make you feel welcome and love giving everyone a sense of comfort when they need it.